• 6+ Hours of networking
  • Meet 50+ recruiters from 20+ top companies
  • 5+ hours of onsite interviews
  • 5+ hours of career education
  • 9:1 Student/Company ratio
  • Network with 150+ other undergraduate veterans & ROTC Cadets!




“I had a fantastic experience at the UndergraduVets Conference last fall and I’m happy to say that I just received an offer from Citi. If I hadn’t attended made the trip, I doubt that I’d be working there this summer. Keep up the great work!”

2016 Conference Attendee


Many of the students who have attended this conference have been hired by the sponsor firms as co-ops, interns, and full-time hires! Here are a few recent examples.

Click their photos to learn more about them and see where they are working now.

Sales & Trading Analyst Intern

Cole Johnson

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Engineering Co-op

Eric Stout

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Molly Marahol

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Morris Bradley

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You must meet all three requirements to register for this event


Military service

Eligible military experience:

  • Active duty veteran
  • Guard/Reserve (current or former)
  • Army ROTC Cadet


Must be enrolled as an undergraduate:

  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior


Must attend a top-ranked school:

Click For List Of Eligible Colleges & Universities


Day 1 Agenda

Friday, Oct 20, 2017 - Navy Pier

4:00 PM

Check-In & Registration

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Stop by to pick up your conference registration packet and the badges that you’ll need to access the event on both Friday and Saturday!

Navy Pier Ballroom Lobby

5:00 PM

Pre-Conference Networking Reception

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Network with other students, recruiters from the sponsor companies and veteran employees of those same firms overlooking downtown Chicago’s incredible waterfront!

Lakeview Terrace (adjacent to the Navy Pier Ballroom)

Day 2 Agenda

Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 - Holiday Inn Mart Plaza Conference Center


Check-In & Networking Breakfast

7:00AM - 12:00PM

Check-in and grab some breakfast before the day kicks off!

14th Floor Lobby

7:45 AM


7:45 AM - 8:45 AM


Wolf Point

9:00 AM

Speed Networking Session

9:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Break into groups of 10 students, buy major. Every 9 minutes, over the course of 2.5 hours recruiters from each of the sponsor companies will rotate to each table to introduce themselves, their firm, and give you an overview of the career opportunities available to candidates with your major.

Wolf Point

12:00 PM


12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

Grab a quick lunch and get ready for the expo!

Sauganash E

12:30 PM

Career Expo

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Are you tired of long, painful career fairs where the recruiters most likely don’t understand your military experience and how it can create value for them? Here’s the good news – at this event you’ll get essentially limitless facetime with campus and military recruiters who are specifically seeking to hiring undergraduates with military experience! Lunch and a small grad school expo will be hosted as well!

Wolf Point Ballroom

2:00 PM

Grad School Expo

2:00 PM - 3:30PM

Network with military veteran students, alumni, and military admissions officers representing many of the nations top-ranked graduate programs. Even if youre not ready for grad school now, its not too early to start building relationships with them.

Sauganash W

2:00 PM

Onsite Interviews and/or Coffee Chars

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

While you are in town, take the opportunity to interview or have coffee chats with some of the participating firms undergraduate recruiting teams.

North Point (15th Floor) & Various Rooms on the 14th Floor
Invite Only


Pre-Conference Job Board .
Pre-Conference Resume Review Service .
Open Bar Networking Reception (ID required for alcohol) .
“Speed Dating” company info sessions (firms ‘pitch’ students on their roles) .
Saturday breakfast & lunch w/ recruiters .
Undergraduate Recruiter Panel (Tips & Tricks) .
Career Expo .
Company-led Info Sessions  .
8 to 1 Student/Company Ratio  .
Onsite interviews (Scheduled by Companies) .


Scholarships funded through the generosity of Deloitte Consulting

Individual Travel Scholarships
200-299 miles $25
300-399 miles $50
400-749 miles $75
750+ miles $100
Must attend a University at the distances listed above
Must register by 9/30/17
Must physically attend the event
Must pick up scholarship in person on 10/21/17
Must complete resume review process, in full


VALUE: $10 per student*


  • Must register by 9/30/2017
  • Must complete resume review process (see below)
  • Must physically attend the conference
  • Must pick up refund in person on October 21st from 7:00-10:00am CST



  • All students are eligible for free resume coaching
  • Service provided by a professional resume reviewer who is a former undergraduate career services and corporate recruiter at one of the nation’s top universities
  • This must be completed to receive a travel scholarship or registration refund


  1. Email your resume to resume (at) undergraduvets.com by 10.1.17
  2. Must upload a final version of your resume to your online profile by 10.7.17


What are the eligibility requirements to participate in the conference?

Note: You must meet all requirements to register:

  • You must have served as an NCO, or enlisted member in a uniformed military service on Active Duty, in the National Guard, a Reservist, or a currently enrolled ROTC cadet
  • Be a sophomore, junior, or senior
  • Enrolled at a Top ranked National University, Top ranked National Liberal Arts College, or a Top ranked regional College or University (according to US News & World Report rankings)

I am not a military veteran, but I am completing my bachelor’s degree program at a college or university that is on your eligibility list. May I participate in your conference?

No. You must be a military veteran to attend.

I am a veteran and I am an alumnus of a college or university on your eligibility list. I’m looking for a new job/transitioning from active duty, may I register for this event.

This year’s event is only for students, but send us a note on the contact page and we’ll see how we can help.

Why is there a registration fee?

Simply put, if there was no cost to participate, there would be no value to the event. With that being said, we make the individual rate extremely reasonable and even offer travel scholarships. Plus this is not your typical trade show in that several meals and beverages are offered at networking functions.

I am an ROTC student at a school on your “eligibility” list (or a Service Academy student). May I register for the conference?

ROTC cadets who are undecided on whether they will contract for Active Duty or the National Guard/Reserve are encouraged to attend to explore civilian career opportunities in order to determine if a Guard/Reserve path makes sense for them. Additionally, ROTC cadets who already committed to the National Guard/Reserve path are absolutely encouraged to attend as this event will help in evaluating various industries and job opportunities and lay the foundation for your civilian career.

This Conference is in Chicago, but it says it’s a National Conference. Are the Sponsors hiring for roles across the country?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ All of these firms are national (and international) organization and they are recruiting candidates for roles throughout the US. So, if you’re a student in California or Virginia this conference will be just as valuable for you as it will be to veterans who are down the street at Vanderbilt.

These companies don’t recruit on my campus. Will they really consider me for internships and jobs?

Absolutely. While they recruit on campus at their “core” schools, they are opening roles to all 150 attendees at this event. Because we participation is designed for veteran sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are enrolled at the top-ranked colleges and universities and meet certain GPA requirements, the sponsors are viewing the “collective” talent pool as being equivalent to that of their top core schools. As a result, everyone gets the same kind of consideration. It’s the way that they view candidates at our MBA Veterans Career Conference (where registration is exclusive for veterans at the Top-40 ranked MBA programs).

Are you affiliated with Student Veterans of America (SVA)?

SVA is a great organization that is involved in a host of programing for student veterans, but the Undergraduvets Career Conference is not affiliated with it. It is however, affiliated with the MBA Veterans Network, a professional networking organization for military veteran students and alumni of the Top-40 ranked MBA programs. MBA Veterans has hosted a similar career conference for its members annually since 2008 that is also focused on helping talented veterans and elite companies connect.

I am not a military veteran, but I worked for the military and/or for another federal agency (CIA, FBI, DOD (non-military), DIA, ATF, NOAA, etc…) as a civilian or contractor and spent time working in a combat zone. May I participate in the conference?

While we appreciate your service, you are not eligible to participate in this conference.

I am a veteran, but I served in a non-US military service. Am I eligible to participate in your conference?

Absolutely, as long as you are a sophomore, junior, or senior at a qualifying college university, you are more than welcome at our conference.

Some of these companies recruit on my campus already, what is the advantage of still attending this event?

Most employers have very small centralized campus teams that are charged with national recruiting. Due to their limited capacity each year, companies prioritize recruiting at a handful of “core” schools that possess both established alumni networks and are places where they’ve historically had hiring success.  Rather than send central teams to these “core schools,” alumni from each school represent their employers and identify and “pre-select” students for follow on interviews. These alums may or may not understand how your military experience sets you apart from your peers on campus. As a result, you get “lumped into” the bigger pool of students rather than standing out.
At the Undergraduvets Career Conference, these sponsors first and foremost are coming not just to recruit undergrads from top schools, but those who have served in the military. Rather than being managed by alumni, this event is managed by a customized blend of campus, diversity, and military recruiters who understand how your unique background is a competitive advantage when compared to your classmates. They will then funnel you into a customized recruiting process than transcends campus recruiting and gives you visibility and consideration to different roles.


4th Annual
Career Conference

Location: Chicago, IL

October 12-13 2018

5th Annual
Career Conference

Location: Chicago, IL

October 4-6 2019


Please contact us for details and a member of our team will response shortly